Comfort Zone

    Remember this post?Same shirt,same bag with shorts and sandals this time.Summer might be gone but summer outfits didn't gone.I'm a street style-comfy girl.I don't wear high   heels or make-up(on my daily routine).For me style means clothes or accessories that makes you feel beautiful and comfy.I'm watching so many bloggers and sometimes I'm so jealous of how stylish and gorgeous they look with their make-up,high heels and heavy jewellery but then I'm thinking- this is not me.This is not my style.


Dior Homme - 'The Film'

September is here and my exams starting tomorrow-Not happy.No time for blogging.
 Anyway accidently I saw "The Film" from Dior Homme with the superb and totally sexy Robert Pattinson.Directed by talented Romain Gavras (proud Greek girl).Enjoy!New post in a few days!