A big sorry my lovely readers.It's been a long time but I have a reason for not update the blog.We have a serious problem with the uni.Hope soon to be back in my normal life.
   Well it was a good chance to celebrate our greek carnival and leave all our problems behind so last weekend we went to Rethymno to a huge Carnival that take place every year and this is the reason why I am wearing this red winged scarf to a night out with friends.



  Last weekend photos.One of my favorite sweater with my beloved bag.Ι think those sunglasses is a little bit crazy but what can I say.I love them.Have an amazing saturday night fashion-people!



                                            (jean top-vintage,jeans&sunglasses-zara,bag-oldie)
 Problems all around me.Hope this month will be better than February.Spring is near and so is Summer .We have to wait 3 more months.Till then outfits like this.I know that you are sickandtired of this jacket but for me is the most comfy piece I can wear at uni.!Have a great weekend and an amazing fashionable month.