The horse-the dream

      Those photos were taken back in the middle of July in a small trip with family-friends.We found this beautiful horse all alone and it was an opportunity to take photos,it was not easy enough btw.

These days I enjoy my last month of my vacation with some short trips to Athens and Chania.I will let you know about everything.The results of my exams showed that I will start my uni life in October in civil engineering(not exactly but in this field), so happy that my dream in a way came true.!


Dance and Love


     Last night it was a latin party that it takes part every Sunday in a lovely bar.The atmosphere was amazing,people dancing all the night.As you see in the photos(sorry for the photos,I'm trying my best to be excellent) I have a chance to dance with my best friend.I was awful.So I let the professionals!
     Well I wanted to wear skirt to show my dancing skills and my new shirt from zara.difficult to combo.



Finally my new Nikon L810 is here.A gift from my grandma.The reason is that I'm off from senior high school and in the autumn I will go to the university!Ready for some shots


The hand

     This is my favorite vintage jewellery that I wear almost everyday.The ring with the black stone and the bracelet are my mum's which means a lot to me.


Back from paradise

           dress(first picture)-ousho,leather bag-atrrativo,sandals/shirt-topshop,sweater-beneton

    Holidays are over.I had the best time ever,even better than I 
  expected.Photos from Naousa(mum's birthplace),village,pictures with sister and cousins.That the good ones.I don't think that you want to see the other.(hilarious)

                                       love EVA