The Last

  Last outfit for this year.I have to say my life changed a bit since I entered the university, met new people and made new amazing friends.This year was bittersweet and I hope the next to be sweeter. For the last outfit of the year I wore my favorite skirt.Love the shape of it and like to combine it with knits and classic T-shirt with fancy necklaces.

          That was it people.Happy New Year with lot of love,peace and smiles


I Love London #2

  Buckingham Palace,Notting Hill,London Bridge,Winter Wonderland,Oxford Street,Carnady Street and beautiful Canterbury.Just another holiday post from beautiful London as I promised.When I visited  London ,I went to the most amazing clothing-shop ever,of course after Harrods,Abercrombie and Fitch.Believe me you have to go.Except for the amazing clothing that they have for girls the welcoming in the shop is very very hot ;) (12th photo)


Fail Photos

                              (zara-parka,shoes,bag,scarf,shoes/ousho-dress/H&M-blouse/Pull and Bear-necklace)
    The quality sucks(sorry about that).Blame it on the light or in my illness.Yesterday’s outfit for tea time with my friends. First christmas for my blog. The next post is gonna be with my house Christmas-tree!(Back home for the holidays).So excited!
    Love wearing this dress as a skirt with blouses or sweaters. The weather in Greece is very calm and warm so those tights are perfect. I added this necklace for some glam in the whole outfit. Love the chain with this fabric.


I love London #1

         Big Ben,London Eye,English tea,Tate and Harrods some of things that I did in London the first 2 days.I have to say that I loved London and I miss those days so much.But I promised to myself that I will go back soon. More photos to come!


London Calling

    So sorry for the lack of the post. This post is supposed to have an outfit but I didn't have the time to take some proper shots. This cute beanie is from Oysho and you are going to enjoy it at the next post.
Yes, finally tomorrow (let's hope) that I will be flying to London with my sister and my cousin to spend some time in the capital of England and meet a friend of mine that is studying near London (Canterbury). I want you to tell me (if you live there of course) some places worth visiting because it's my first time there. So excited! Next post from LONDON!Woho


Last Weekend

  Spending last weekend at Chania. The city that my best-friend lives. Every time I go there I fall in love with them more and more. Such a beautiful city with so beautiful people. This weekend I'm at my hometown for some things that I have to take care two weeks before my trip to London. More details soon. Hope to have an amazing weekend!

p.s.Do you like my new haircut?Want opinions!


Still Summer


   I have been watching many blogger with knits and boots,many winter accessories photographt in a winter background.Well here in Greece we have still Summer,our month is 97 of August and we are keep going.

  Here I have and an other outfit for a morning walk with my friends.With this weather I don't know what exactly to wear so a pair of jeans combine with my fav shirt and my Converse is easy and stylish.Enjoy!

                                                       photos by Effie Kamperogianni




   New post back to my hometown.Been there for the weekend and finally had the chance to meet my best friend Emma after one month apart starting our lifes as university girls.Here it is my casual coffee outfit with my beloving new parka that love to wear with simple T-shirts.The weather in Greece is still warm so this parka is perfect!Hope to had an amazing weekend and the upcoming week to be much better.