New Addiction

 Sorry for the lack of the posts but the Boy was in town for the weekend and I had no time for blogging.3 days left before holidays will start and I am so exciting to be back to Naousa(Moms birth-town) and some other trips that I organised.
 Anyway here there are my new sunglasses I got from ZARA and I'm already so addicted.Perfect with my summer mood.

photos:Effie K
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   We had 10 minute to take those photos before camera turn off.Well I was enough grouchy because I was tired and you can see it on the first shoots.
  Anyway worn my floral dress as skirt with my favorite summer top.For me when I wear white it's all about summer.Have a beautiful weekend fashion world!

photos:Effie K

p.s My blog just turn 1 year old.Happy birthday New Dawn!


Favorite Shorts

  Favorite shorts for the summer.Perfect for a morning walk or a night out.This time was for a morning walk with my old but beloved sandals that I bought from Zara 2 years ago and a size bigger(don't ask,it was love at first sight so yes I bought them one size bigger because my size was sold out).
Have an amazing Week
Photos:Effie K