Pool Time

                                                                 (my girlies-Elena-Emma)

Today Emma and I decided to go to Elenas small hotel where they have a pool..We swim-play and did some sunbathing while reading magazines.So happy to spend more time with them,so relaxing Saturday..Wish you guys an amazing weekend

                                 love EVA


Summer Oh Summer

last day before go to athens
amazing painting
beers with friends-home town
my friend Elena
me-athens after 6 hours exams
amazing restaurant with bio food-athens
great atmosphere
delicious pasta
back home with a pleasant surprise
This pictures are from the past two weeks.Crete-Athens-Crete.The good news are that my exams are over and Let The Summer Begin!
                                      love EVA



When I saw him on the catwalk,I just fell in love with.Philipp Plein did a great job.The catwalk was amazing and Ed was superb.Well,I'm a big fan of Gossip Girl but this was Hell Yea.Keep it up Ed.
                          love EVA


Home Sweet Home

 I found this beautiful pictures on a Greek blog and I want to share it with you guys.Well that was Sophias Loren house in Rome.This photoshoot take part back in 1964.Beautiful traditional architecture and very unique pieces into the house..Well no words for her,great boby,great style.Great her...

                                  love EVA


Father's Day

                        Happy Father's Day and first to the funniest and cutest guy in the world..
                              Love you daddy <3

                                                       love EVA

Italian Job


Couple of days ago while I was in the art class my friend Theo came to visit us..We don't miss the chance to go to have a dinner with my girlfriends in a italian restaurant with a huge amount of food.Thanks to Theo and her great camera we take this pictures.Thank you theo and we must do it again!

                                            love Eva


I Don't Do Only Chairs

This is a tiny piece of my work in the art-class.Well as I said I don't only do chairs(I m not crazy).I start two years ago and I will continue in sketching and after that I will start fashion design.Thank you for visiting my blog I will follow you with pleasure if you follow me(just kidding)

                                          love Eva


Can't Wait


Some more inspirations that I find..Soo beautiful pictures.Can't wait for my holidays to start.White and floral skirts and dresses,flip-flops and sandals,gold and coral shades,bikinis everywhere and sea..That's all for summer..Sorry for not been post my outfits yet,but I have to wait for my final exams in architectural design.Τhey are finishing on 23-24 of june..

                                               love Eva


New In

   My financial problems are huge but I couldn't resist to this beauties..Two tops the aztec one from zara and the other minty one is from ousho.I got also a summer case for my sun-creams and things I bring to the beach also from ousho.

                                                love EVA

p.s sorry for my english-grammar.I speak better than I 'm texting


Summer Essentials

You gonna see me wear this two  alot this summer.That amazing scarf ,my mom gave it to me and that handmade necklace made by me.

             love EVA


New Dawn,New Day,New Life

Well yes this is me..I was dreaming this moment 2 years now ,when I discover the first favorite blog of mine "Style Scrapbook" by Andy Torres.
My name is Eva and I'm from a little town of Greece but soon I will go to uni and here the Title of my blog make sense.Lover of Fashion that's all you have for now you have to know about me..

                                                                 love Eva xxx
p.s Thank for the help HELEN KAPLANIS from Blue Velvet