The dress

Happy weekend everyone!Easy and comfy outfit for the weekend with my new dress!



In Athens with my new coat

After spending an amazing weekend in Athens with my man and some of my best friends I am back to my base trying to manage my uni shedule.Life is so much better without school and responsibilities.I miss my man and the days we spend together.I wanna go back.
     Anyway,forget my monologue about my life and focus in my favorite new coat from Zara,match perfect with my burgundy pants(so happy that I finally bought it) with my boots from last season.First time that I worn them this autumn.Cosy and classic.Enjoy.

denim shirt-vintage


The Borrower

It's been ages since the last time.I'm alive.I'm here,sharing one of my favorite outfits,featuring my bff shoes which is one of the best pair of shoes I had ever worn.This skirt is just too perfect for this weather here in Greece.I have a crush for braids this season so I put a little one in the front,in case you didn't see it.Hope the next outfit post to be soon.Till then,keep fashionable and beautiful.

shoes-Stradivarius(thank you Effie)


Comfort Zone

    Remember this post?Same shirt,same bag with shorts and sandals this time.Summer might be gone but summer outfits didn't gone.I'm a street style-comfy girl.I don't wear high   heels or make-up(on my daily routine).For me style means clothes or accessories that makes you feel beautiful and comfy.I'm watching so many bloggers and sometimes I'm so jealous of how stylish and gorgeous they look with their make-up,high heels and heavy jewellery but then I'm thinking- this is not me.This is not my style.


Dior Homme - 'The Film'

September is here and my exams starting tomorrow-Not happy.No time for blogging.
 Anyway accidently I saw "The Film" from Dior Homme with the superb and totally sexy Robert Pattinson.Directed by talented Romain Gavras (proud Greek girl).Enjoy!New post in a few days!


The Garden

    My vacation are in progress and my tanning,too.Try to enjoy every moment of them with my favorite summer sale piece with lots of flowers,my new (greek-leather) sandals with my natural hair this time.Yes,I have curly hair,not happy.But when you spend the day at the beach you have no choice.
   I hope everyone enjoy your vacation.



Summer in the city

   Finally!I'm here fashion people.My first part of my vacation is over.I had a health problem during my vacation and I have to go back home for a few weeks.
  Anyway.Here is my summer outfit in the city.Loved that old dress perfect combo with my easy-wear converse ad of course my favorite summer bag.
Ready to explore the best city-Thessaloniki of course


New Addiction

 Sorry for the lack of the posts but the Boy was in town for the weekend and I had no time for blogging.3 days left before holidays will start and I am so exciting to be back to Naousa(Moms birth-town) and some other trips that I organised.
 Anyway here there are my new sunglasses I got from ZARA and I'm already so addicted.Perfect with my summer mood.

photos:Effie K
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   We had 10 minute to take those photos before camera turn off.Well I was enough grouchy because I was tired and you can see it on the first shoots.
  Anyway worn my floral dress as skirt with my favorite summer top.For me when I wear white it's all about summer.Have a beautiful weekend fashion world!

photos:Effie K

p.s My blog just turn 1 year old.Happy birthday New Dawn!


Favorite Shorts

  Favorite shorts for the summer.Perfect for a morning walk or a night out.This time was for a morning walk with my old but beloved sandals that I bought from Zara 2 years ago and a size bigger(don't ask,it was love at first sight so yes I bought them one size bigger because my size was sold out).
Have an amazing Week
Photos:Effie K


Summer Day

    Weekend is her,It's time to relax because weeks of hard work are coming.Fresh morning outfit for a walk with my girlies for shopping and coffee wearing my fav shirt that when I bought it I though it was a dress(online shopping danger).Enjoy the rest of the weekend fashion world!




  It's been a long time.Last outfit in my hometown.Orthodox Easter is over so I have to go back to university.Work work work for me.I'm not a leather person but when I saw this skirt I loved it.
P.S.Mommy I love you(happy mother's day)

P.S.2 THANK YOU so much for your birthday wishes