New post back to my hometown.Been there for the weekend and finally had the chance to meet my best friend Emma after one month apart starting our lifes as university girls.Here it is my casual coffee outfit with my beloving new parka that love to wear with simple T-shirts.The weather in Greece is still warm so this parka is perfect!Hope to had an amazing weekend and the upcoming week to be much better.


Burgundy love

                                     shirt-vintage/pants&slippers&shopper bag-zara/sunglasses-rayban

 Back for good!!Fresh pictures with fresh new clothes.Two weeks now every friday is my favorite.The reason is of course shopping.Love my new slipper and my burgundy pants.What a colour.Perfect for winter!Miss so much the blog and all of you.Busy weeks are come and go but I will try to take every week outfit photos.With the help of my amazing new photographer and a new friend of mine.Effie I love you!

 P.S:Going to travel soon.Details in the next posts


The sexy blogger

   Mariano Di Vaio.An Italian Model-Actor and of course Fashion Blogger.I visit his blog by an accident but when I realise how great is it,I ask his permission to make a feature about his blog.Here it is!Great pictures accombanied with stylish outfits and some great street style photos.Things that must have a Fashion blog.For more Mariano Di Vaio watch here.

Well, first week at the uni and I'm very exciting meeting new people,making friends and attending at new lessons.The uni is very interesting and I can wait to explore it more.The first weeks are extra busy so I will not have time for my blog.Hope to not forget me.See you in two weeks from now with a new outfit post!!Have a great month.